Indian Food Helps! is a project of Rotary Club Prague International supported by The Curry House, Palmovka.

ŽIVOT 90 is a non-profit organization that provides assistance to seniors. See Rotary Club Prague International has supported ŽIVOT 90 for almost 20 years.

ŽIVOT 90, together with the City of Prague, established a Coordination Crisis Center for the Elderly, which provides assistance in delivering food, medicines or organizing volunteers to help seniors meet their life needs. For more information visit In this time of the coronavirus epidemic, there are many more demands for assistance to the elderly who are particularly vulnerable to this disease, ŽIVOT 90 will use financial assistance to purchase protective clothing and equipment for volunteers to help seniors safely and effectively.

Please help us support ŽIVOT 90 in their constant work in these difficult moments. All the profits from your purchase of our Indian Food lunches will go to ŽIVOT 90.

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